I was a late starter.

I was a late starter. I didn’t take up the piano until well into my forties. I had initially been taught by another teacher but on his retirement was recommended to Dorothy and have been having lessons with since then, i.e. about 6 years.

Even though Dorothy is an examiner herself, she was amenable and accommodating when I asked if we could not do any further exams but instead play pieces and styles not on the prescribed lists. As a result, I very much enjoy playing a mixture of things that we choose between us. Some are more technically demanding than others but thankfully, always things that I enjoy playing and actually like listening to. However, whilst she is tolerant to my choices in music, she is uncompromising on standards. Everything in my playing must be to at least Grade 8 standard. Through addressing everything from how I sit at the piano to small detail in technique I now play with greater ability and consequently much more enjoyment. My wife has even noticed, and is grateful for, the improved sound quality.