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Sheffield Piano Lessons

for all ages and abilities with Dorothy Davis

BA FRCO, ABRSM examiner

About Dorothy Davis

Dorothy Davis Sheffield Piano LessonsDorothy Davis is a highly experienced professional piano and organ teacher who has taught in Sheffield for many years. She is a fully trained teacher and holds a Fellowship diploma. Dorothy is also an ABRSM examiner and had examined widely over the last 16 years in both the UK and the Far East.As a performer on both the piano and organ, Dorothy has played as a duettist, accompanist and soloist throughout the UK. Dorothy was part of a professional piano duo and she has accompanied choral societies and soloist. She is also an official accompanist for the Davis Clover Singing Competition. As an organist she played at Sheffield Cathedral for 16 years and recital venues have included cathedrals, town halls and parish churches throughout the country. Her training has been continuous, both in terms of lessons with top recitalists in this country and in masterclasses with international players.

Mission statement

I am a passionate and committed teacher of piano who loves teaching all ages and levels from the early stages up to advanced. I believe enjoyment aids learning and so lessons are varied and a wide range of music is played

Online Lessons


All pupils have the choice of face-to-face lessons or online ones; please note proof of double COVID-19 vaccination is required for face-to-face lessons for pupils over the age of 18. For those who would like face to face lessons, government guidelines regarding social distancing, disinfecting and ventilation are being followed.

Beginner Piano Lessons


Our beginner piano lessons are designed for pupils of any age with little or no piano experience. From the start there is emphasis on security of technique whilst also stimulating pupils’ imagination. We explore sound and colour, mood and shape. All this is done in pleasant surroundings in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

• Correct posture and hand position from the beginning
• Secure technique
• Enjoyable music including duets from the earliest lessons
• Preparation for early grades – I have been an ABRSM examiner since 2001
• Comfortable waiting room for parents with a window into the piano room
• Family involvement encouraged
• Opportunities to perform
• Adult beginners welcomed – age is no barrier to learning the piano
• DBS checked


Click on the players below to listen to a Dorothy’s beginner student.

By Georgina Hamilton:


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Intermediate Piano Lessons


Intermediate piano lessons are for those who have already been practising the piano and want to improve their playing and musical understanding. Lessons will include warm up exercises and music in a wide selection of styles from Classical to Jazz and Popular music. We explore the mood and colours of the music and how to communicate these. The atmosphere of lessons is relaxed yet focussed.

• Good posture and hand position explained
• Secure technique in order to play more difficult repertoire
• Stylistic awareness in a wide range of music
• Playing of duets
• Preparation for intermediate grades – I have been an ABRSM examiner since 2001
• Comfortable waiting room for parents with a window into the piano room
• Family involvement encouraged
• Opportunities to perform
• Adults welcome even if they have not played for a considerable time
• DBS checked


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By Jacob Baron:


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Advanced piano lessons


Advanced piano lessons are for pupils who wish to refine their technique and stylistic interpretation. Final grade exams and diploma exams are available at this level. There is a concentration on secure technique combined with in-depth study of a wide variety of repertoire.

• An awareness of good posture and hand position
• Advanced studies and exercises
• All genres of music
• Preparation for final grades and diploma exams – I have been an ABRSM examiner since 2001
• A relaxed yet focussed atmosphere
• Opportunities to perform • All ages welcomed
• DBS checked


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By Ilya Shemmer:


By Ruva Ushewokunze:


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What I Teach


I very much believe that enjoyment promotes learning so my primary aim as a music teacher is to help children, young people and adults enjoy playing the piano or organ.

• From the very beginning pupils learn a sound technique and we have fun discussing the mood of the music chosen and how to put this across.
• We talk of colour and pictures, of sound and shape so that the final result is a creative whole.
• In increasingly advanced lessons , stylistic considerations are very much part of the discussions.
• Lessons are highly individual with music chosen from the Classical tradition up to jazz and popular music.
• Lessons also contain many aspects of musicianship such as note recognition, sightreading and aural work.
• We play duets at all levels and young children often play musical games and sing songs.

ExaminationsPerformanceMusic Theory & Aural TrainingSummary

Music Examinations

100% success rate, 8 out of 10 candidates gaining Distinctions, scholarships offered

• Many pupils like the challenge of taking grade exams, either with the ABRSM or Trinity Guildhall exam boards.
• There is also the option to do a Performance Assessment where no scales, sightreading or aurals are required but a certificate with comments by the examiner is given.
• I am an ABRSM examiner so I know exactly what is required for the grade and diploma exams. Pupils are fully prepared in every area so that the exam becomes a positive experience.

Exam results are very high overall with 8 out of 10 candidates gaining Distinctions in the last examining period. There is also a 100% success rate at Diploma level with Distinction marks also being awarded. These marks have led to places and scholarships being offered at Conservatoires and Universities.


Annual Concert, Crucible, Competitions …

Every summer I hold an annual concert where every school age pupil is invited to perform.

• Every level of playing is included and we have a lovely afternoon of music making.
• Pupils play solo and duet items and parents who play themselves are invited to take part in the duets if they wish.
• Parents, grandparents and friends come along to listen and the afternoon is topped off by a wonderful afternoon tea where everyone brings something.
• My pupils have been asked on several occasions to take part is masterclasses at the Crucible Studio with an internationally acclaimed concert pianist.
• Last time it was with Melvyn Tan – six school age pupils and two adult pupils took part in front of an audience. This was a real honour for the participants as they were the only pianists asked to take part.
• There is the opportunity to take part in competitions either locally or slightly further afield such as the Mrs Sunderland competition is Huddersfield.

Music Theory

I teach theory as part of lessons even at the very beginning of learning to play the piano. There are some lovely theory books with stickers that the young children love to do!

Aural Training

Aural awareness takes part in every lesson in some form or other even if it is not specifically geared towards grade exams.

Exam candidates who play orchestral instruments or are singers who are not pianists are also catered for if they require practice in aural training ready for their grade exam. As an ABRSM examiner I am able to give guidance on what is required.


• Fun, focussed lessons
• Early stages, grades up to diploma level
• Children and adults welcome
• All styles and genres
• Aural , theory and sightreading
• ABRSM examiner
• DBS checked


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Why learn the piano?
There is much evidence that both young people and adults gain from learning a musical instrument. In young people there is an improvement in concentration, confidence and problem solving. This in turn leads to greater success in learning across the board in the curriculum. There is also evidence that in more mature people learning an instrument makes the brain add more connections and keeps it alert.

Do I need any previous musical knowledge?
Not at all – from the very first lesson I will take you through the steps needed to play the piano and how to read the notation.

What age should my child start lessons?
It very much depends on the child but any age usually after 5 or 6 if they are keen to play the piano. Lessons will be gauged at the correct level to suit the pupil.

Is it too difficult for an adult to learn?
Absolutely not! I have taught many adults who have never had the chance to play the piano before. Lessons are very structured and we work at the pace that suits them.

I learnt as a child – can I take it up again?
Yes – you will probably have retained some prior knowledge and we will find the right level for you to start playing again. There may need to be some revision but we will then move forward in both technique and repertoire.

Do I have to take exams?
There is no pressure to do exams but they are an option for those who would like to do them. There is also an option to do a Performance Assessment where the candidate plays a programme of their choice and the examiner gives back written comments but no mark. As an examiner for ABRSM I have an intimate knowledge of what is needed so that pupils who wish to do grades or a Performance Assessment go in fully prepared and give of their best.

Do I need a piano?
Either a traditional piano or an electric piano with weighted keys are the best options. However, a keyboard in the very early stages would be ok until the pupil is sure the piano is the instrument for them. It is possible to hire a piano– Dorothy had details of a firm who is willing to do this.


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Price & Policies


Please note that a 24 hour cancellation policy is in place for all lessons, requiring a full lesson fee to be paid if the cancellation is made within the 24 hour period of a booked lesson.

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Whether you are old, young, a professional musician or just starting out, anyone can learn and benefit from piano lessons. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Please complete the form with as much information about your query as possible so that we can answer your query fully.